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Respected Friend? Women and equality in the Society of Friends

Quaker women in history have a reputation for being bolder and more publicly visible than their contemporaries, being involved with preaching and publishing from the very beginning of the movement. Until the end of the 19th century, however, the members … Continue reading

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Quaker Faith and Practice: the Quaker book of discipline from the “green dragon of the ancients” to the “red book”

At Yearly Meeting in 2018 Quakers in Britain will be considering whether to revise Quaker faith and practice – the book of discipline. This volume, found in every Quaker meeting and freely available online, is referred to for guidance on … Continue reading

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Yearly Meeting 2016

Since the 17th century Friends have held an annual assembly known as Yearly Meeting. It’s changed a lot since its early days. Meetings regularly take place away from London, and what was once known as “London Yearly Meeting” has changed … Continue reading

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Preservation news: some eighteenth century minute books

Years of use take their toll on books and manuscripts. Even with the most careful handling, moving documents from shelf to trolley, transporting them from the strongroom to the readers’ table or simply opening and closing volumes all put a strain … Continue reading

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Attending Yearly Meeting: the unofficial record

The last weekend in May will see a transformation of Friends House, as Quakers from all over the country arrive for the annual assembly known as Yearly Meeting. Friends have gathered together yearly from 1688 onwards, and the records of … Continue reading

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News: Yearly Meeting 2012

In a week’s time, the annual assembly of Quakers in Britain will take place in Friends House (Friday 25 to Monday 28 May). The place will be buzzing, thronged with Friends from all over the country and abroad. It will … Continue reading

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