Naylor, Ian, and Heys, Harold. Stanley Webb Davies: family, friends & furniture. – Bingley: Naylor Publishing, 2016

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  1. Barbara Jo Grundy (nee Davies, formerly Kirke.) says:

    My sister and I – great nieces of Stanley Davies – have very much enjoyed being involved with the writing of this interesting book. We played a minor role, and were absolutely delighted with all the hard work and research which went into writing it – thank you Harold and Ian. This is a useful and fascinating resource for all Quakers interested in the history of the Society as it was lived out by Friends during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It will ring a bell for those coming from a Quaker background and will enrich the understanding of those who have entered the Society more recently.

  2. Alec Stuttard says:

    The Davies family were prominent Quakers and Stanley spent three years during the Great War, working in France with the Friends’ relief team. The book is a very synpathetic portryal of the work of the Quakers here and from the U.S. and goes on to tell of his marriage and life in Windermere where he was a leading member of the arts and crafts furniture movement. Incidentally, an older brother, Percy Davies, was the first Lord Darwen. A very interesting book although the later chapters on his career can be a bit slow going for anyone whose woodworking skills tend to be limited to a bit of DIY.

    Alec Stuttard, Blackburn.

  3. Hugo Burge says:

    I’m a huge fan of Stanley Webb Davies and have quite a broad collection of his works that i’m getting great pleasure from pulling together. i enjoyed the book – great to see. I’m planning a trip to the lake district in September and would love any top tips for things to see relating to his work or anyone with stories to share. If anyone can point me in direction of good places to find any objects that might be for sale too, that would be great (apologies if that is a bit shameless but thought I’d add that in!). Many thanks, Hugo

    • Library of the Society of Friends says:

      Thanks for your comment Hugo. I hope one of the other commenters may have some tips on Stanley Webb Davies’ work. I will forward your questions to the authors of the biography too – they may be pleased to hear of your interest.

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