Naylor, Ian, and Hays, Harold. Stanley Webb Davies: family, friends & furniture. – Bingley: Naylor Publishing, 2016

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  1. Barbara Jo Grundy (nee Davies, formerly Kirke.) says:

    My sister and I – great nieces of Stanley Davies – have very much enjoyed being involved with the writing of this interesting book. We played a minor role, and were absolutely delighted with all the hard work and research which went into writing it – thank you Harold and Ian. This is a useful and fascinating resource for all Quakers interested in the history of the Society as it was lived out by Friends during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It will ring a bell for those coming from a Quaker background and will enrich the understanding of those who have entered the Society more recently.

  2. Alec Stuttard says:

    The Davies family were prominent Quakers and Stanley spent three years during the Great War, working in France with the Friends’ relief team. The book is a very synpathetic portryal of the work of the Quakers here and from the U.S. and goes on to tell of his marriage and life in Windermere where he was a leading member of the arts and crafts furniture movement. Incidentally, an older brother, Percy Davies, was the first Lord Darwen. A very interesting book although the later chapters on his career can be a bit slow going for anyone whose woodworking skills tend to be limited to a bit of DIY.

    Alec Stuttard, Blackburn.

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